Spacestation Gaming Halo Partnered Team Skins

Spacestation Gaming Halo Partnered Team Skins have launched with the surprise announcement of Halo Infinite multiplayer. During the Microsoft 20-year anniversary stream on November 15th, Halo Infinite multiplayer was announced to be available to everyone to download early and with this included the 9 HCS Partnered Team Skins.

SSG Spartan Cosmetic Kit in-game or online at the Halo Waypoint HCS Store:
Halo Infinite (

The current SSG squad consisting of Aaron "Ace" Elam, Alec "Tylenul" Mumper and coached by Halo legend Kyle "Elamite" Elam, will have a team competing in the Halo Championship Series and will be travelling to Raleigh, North Carolina for kick-off major event. More information about our last two players will be announced soon!