Exclusive Limited-Edition Rainbow Six® Merchandise

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This partnership marks the first time Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six has collaborated with a gaming organization to develop a merchandise line. 

Developed by SSG’s internal merchandise/art team, SSG created t-shirts inspired by Rainbow Six characters of the past and present. SSG pushed the limits of merchandise creation with inventive 3D printing processes, printing techniques, and thoughtful art inspired by Rainbow Six lore fans will love. “We’re passionate about Rainbow Six players. We know they love the game as we do, and we want to give them a great experience and connect them to their favorite characters through art inspired by where they’re from and their stories,” says Nick Moore, SSG Merchandise Director. SSG's lead designer Brenda Hawley used Ubisoft-approved assets to pose the characters, signifying the true collaboration between SSG and Rainbow Six. The collaboration focuses on three characters designed from SSG’s in-game skins and their unique stories and skill sets:


Inspired by Ela’s Polish background and the Polish graffiti scene, SSG brought an edgy, eastern European graffiti look to the shirt and a 3D “puff” print to add texture.


Rainbow Six’s all-American hero gets the patriot treatment with a nod to his night-vision expertise with a G.I. Joe-inspired card back and glow-in-the-dark ink.


Equally inspired by Echo’s gameplay and Japanese background, SSG’s Japanese-inspired triptych design has color-changing UV effects when out in the sun.


All pieces come with an SSG/Rainbow Six kevlar patch (each featuring its own unique pattern).

SSG has deep roots in Rainbow Six, being the 2020 World Champions and dominating force in the North American League.  

SSG and Rainbow Six have also collaborated on a video announcement to celebrate the merchandise drop. SSG custom-made Rainbow Six game elements for the video, including barricades and laser-etched sledgehammers. The video features SSG’s championship Rainbow Six team and showcases the brand-new merchandise line.